NKN is steadily evolving as the National Education Research Network (NREN) of India. The project has already made significant progress by connecting over 1500+ institutes in the network. NKN is now being looked as the harbinger of change in our knowledge society but this also brings together the responsibility to continuously look forward to provide the much required impetus to R&D initiatives related to networking technology.

NKN understands the requirement of R&D initiatives without a profit motive and therefore took a step forward in facilitation of this cause. The team comprising of zealous engineers and networking experts have worked over past few years to develop the first set of NKN products and services.

NKN network is designed with the aim of providing:

  • Highest level of availability Robust & reliable connectivity
  • Highest level of Scalability (specifically planned to match the unknown future demands which cannot be envisaged currently)
  • Best Bandwidth Capacity: For NKN, various National Long Distance Carriers (NLDs) have provided 2.5Gbps / 10Gbps capacity links which can be self healed. Further, the NKN is in process of upgrading to 100Gbps or more connectivity.