Application Services

Open Source IP Registrar (OSIR): OSIR is a full feature solution that provides Dynamic Host Configuration Protocol (DHCP) service and delivers client management feature. OSIR also provides feasible solution for IPv6 network migration by managing client IPv6 addresses. OSIR is available with both IPv4 and IPv6 versions.

Some of the features and benefits of OSIR are mentioned below:

  • Auto Installation
  • Link (Network) Management
  • Link (Network) Policy management
  • Lease Management
    • Lease Search
    • Lease Reservation
  • Client Management
  • Failover Management
    • Backup and Restore of configurations
    • Automatic DHCP Server Failover

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Smart Class – Desktop based video conferencing facility: The smart class service is based on e-learning technology benefitting remotely based school and colleges to meet the demand of good teachers and quality education. At present, around 50 institutes and colleges are connected and attending expert lectures delivered from academy of administration Bhopal using smart class facility along with teachers of their local institutions.

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SMS Gateway Service: This service is useful for the users/application to send alert notification using SMS.

It includes three types of service:

  • PUSH service: It is used by application to send alert SMS like notifications, information etc.
  • PULL service: It is used by user to query the application and gets required information in reply using SMS.
  • Email to SMS: User gets email notification as SMS. Notification also includes the content of the email.

This service also includes a web portail "Quicksms Service", which allows users to send S to all registered users. Quicksms can also be accessed from phone using groupsms feature. In the very near future the service will also include add on facilities like international SMS, Outbound dialling and a toll free SMS service.

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